A reliable product that complies with standards

By implementing our product on the international market, we set new directions for the development of the textile recycling industry. Effective implementation of the results of our research and development works will confirm the possibility of effective competition by the Polish company on the international biofuel industry market.

Our goal
Biofuel International’s goal is to offer a new, patented product on the market – briquettes made of textile waste, resulting from the innovative technology of briquetting textile waste, enabling the production of high-energy solid fuel. Such fuel ensures efficient and clean combustion process of large production factories, and at the same time is created in a highly environmentally friendly process. This is something that was missing on the biofuel market, which must meet the increasingly dynamically growing demand for energy. The development of our brand recognition has already met with the interest of international manufacturing companies. It will certainly strengthen the interest in the Polish recycling and heating fuels industry.

Our service is innovative on an international scale, created in response to the growing market requirements of modern times. No one has ever produced a briquette made in a similar way with such functional features and some parameters used as Biofuel International. Developing the recognition of our brands strengthened by the interests of Polish recycling and heating fuels industries. Considering the fact that our biofuel is characterized by international innovations, with the need to influence the Polish market and the activity of alternative industrial fuels, as well as the text management industry around the world.

The growing need for processing

Over the years, the amount of textile waste generated has increased significantly. The management of textile waste is still a big problem. It mainly results from the lack of installations that would be able to process this type of waste, which in turn leads to transport to landfills. According to a report by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 16 million tonnes of textile waste was generated in the US in 2014, of which as much as 10.46 million tonnes was sent to landfills. It is worth noting that the European textile market also generates waste in the amount of 16 million tons per year. The mission of Biofuel International is in line with the strategy and objectives adopted in the European Union in the area of ​​implementing economics based on the process of processing raw materials, not their storage. We attach great importance to education and making local society aware of how much waste recycling can do. And not just recycling of textiles.