Dozens of manufacturers have trusted our alternative fuel.

Customers from all over the world
Our briquette is intended for use by producers using and wanting to start using alternative solid fuels in high-temperature industrial combustion. The first step we took was to analyze the market and the demand for biofuel developed in this way. During talks conducted already in 2018 with cement producers in Poland, Turkey and in other countries of the world, we confirmed the fulfillment of the main conditions regarding fuel features and functionality:
1. The material is in loose form
2. The fuel has a reproducible range of energy values
3. The briquette has a high and relatively stable bulk density
The values ​​we get from developing the process translate into direct benefits for recipients. Textile waste briquetting technology allows the production of high-energy solid fuel ensuring customers an efficient and clean combustion process.
Product for the most demanding

What do you gain by using Biofuel International’s BioFUEL fuel dedicated to the most demanding customers? In particular:

  • Attractive contracts and terms of cooperation
  • Using an innovative product with a global level of innovation
  • Fuel adapted to exorbitant, individual needs
  • Save money thanks to the attractive price of the product and reduced purchase of CO2 emission rights
  • Benefits due to positive environmental impact
Ecological cooperation

An important feature for our recipients, for example from the cement, power and heat industries, while growing ecological awareness is also a measurable ecological effect – increasing the life cycle of a textile product through their use in the production of briquettes. Cooperation with Biofuel International Company will strengthen the Polish interest in the recycling and heating fuels industry. In addition, together we will strengthen the awareness of the need for alternative fuels, thanks to which we will significantly affect not only the quality of local air, but also the safety of the entire natural environment.