Production and sale of alternative fuel

Production line
The production of our product takes place in Poland, in the city of Cewice, among the picturesque landscape near the Baltic Sea. The complex of hall and warehouse buildings occupies over 1.7 ha. Work on the construction of a new production line began in 2019. At that time, also the supply of raw material to specialist Biofuel International warehouses began. There, textiles await the recycling process – comminution and transport to briquetting. Thanks to contracts with world-famous producers creating our machines and innovative solutions of scientists and specialists, we are able to change the composition of the product, personalizing it to the needs of our customers.
Who is the fuel recipient?

Biofuel International customers are the largest factories whose production capacity must be met by a highly caloric product that meets all requirements and standards.

Why do so many companies choose our biofuel from textiles?

  • Such modern alternative fuels have high bulk density due to compact construction – between 650 and 800 kg / m3,
  • The briquette does not have loose and dangerous dusts in its structure, which can be released, and thanks to its compact construction, it does not crack or damage even during transport,
  • The energy value of the obtained briquette is from 26 to 30 MJ / kg and allows it to be used as fuel in demanding, industrial high-temperature combustion,
  • Has the highest quality stability,
  • It can be dosed repeatedly, cyclically with the help of automated devices, which facilitates the control of the combustion process and technological processes in which briquette is a fuel,
  • Replacing coal with our alternative fuel significantly improves the environmental and economic results of producers using it