Collection of used textile materials

Used clothes and other textiles of different types or species are treated by us as a raw material for the production of biofuel with a specific compact of briquetted structure, which is obtained in a special innovative process. We collect textile waste – we recycle used clothing after receiving it from our partner, giving fibers a second life. Annually, we are able to process millions of kilograms of such materials.

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Purchase of textile waste.

For example, one of our suppliers is companies that convert textiles into cleaning cloths, rags or absorbent materials – we receive textile waste, which for economic reasons can no longer be used. Our suppliers are from the textile industry, for example garment factories, sorting plants or sewing factories, we collect and manage their post-production materials. Do you want to get rid of unnecessary waste? Call our collection point for used textilesHere you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Common positive impact
By using alternative fuels, factories reduce hard coal consumption and thus CO2 emissions. This is very important nowadays – when we hear louder and louder about the tragic effects of global warming. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, by replacing fossil fuels with alternatives, we prevent textiles from accumulating in landfills and the release of unwanted substances into the ground. At the same time, we save natural resources. As a society, we must be aware that, in principle, everything we use (including textiles) can be recycled. Biofuel International is planning to build this awareness. We invite you to cooperate – we offer collection of used clothes and textile waste, which will soon become biofuel. By becoming our supplier, you have a positive impact on the planet with us!