Production and sale of alternative fuel

Biofuel International Sp. z o.o. is a producer and supplier of alternative fuels. We offer fuel created from textiles, clothes and waste, intended for tanning large companies and supplying energy to the largest enterprises. Our innovative production line and product processing process worth millions Euro have been designed by the best scientists and engineers in Poland. Work among qualified people and the best quality equipment is our priority and guarantee of success. Thanks to this, we can adapt the product features to the clients requirements. This is Biofuel International’s innovation and response to the needs of today’s world. Do you want to become a recipient of our bioFUEL?

Collection of used textile materials

We relieve entrepreneurs who want to hand over non-reusable textiles by loading this raw material on the Biofuel International’s transport fleet. Customers using our textile waste purchase offer contribute to global environmental improvement. We mcounteract the decomposition of textiles in garbage dumps, landfills and other places where they pose a serious threat to nature. Together, we create something great!