A reliable product that complies with standards

The most important element of the production process of our fuel is the selection of a mixture of raw materials to obtain a material that complies with the required global standards. The quality of our alternative fuel is monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process, and its values ​​can be adjusted to the expectations of our customers.

Focus on quality

The construction of the production line and everything related to our business – receipt of raw material, production and dispatch of the finished product – began in 2019. Development works on this technology, however, take much longer. We have made every effort to create a product of the highest quality. Our state-of-the-art production line worth over PLN 40 million is an unprecedented opportunity. Our qualified employees, including warehousemen, operators, office workers, scientists and engineers, make every effort to ensure that our company meets even the most demanding requirements. Together, we create a modern company with an innovative product that complies with quality certificates, which we are all proud of.

Fuel in the form of a briquette