BioFuel International: we derive energy from environmental protection

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Following the needs of the world

We are proud to offer you BioFUEL, an alternative fuel produced from textiles, which instead of being dumped are processed by us into a product that positively affects our planet. Our BioFUEL saves natural raw materials, fresh air, and the money of entrepreneurs. The innovation of Biofuel International’s activities means better forecasts for the future for the economy, society and the environment.

Alternative fuel production – Biofuel International

In carrying out our business, we obtain unusable textiles for biofuel production from entrepreneurs who want to get rid of them. We create briquettes from these materials in specially designed machines, which is solid biofuel. Thanks to the careful selection of textiles, we can be sure that our alternative fuel is completely safe for the environment. Caring for ecology is our reason for pride – we not only provide manufacturing companies with a natural source of energy, but also use clothes and other materials that would otherwise be left in a landfill, increasing the level of environmental pollution. We would also like to point out that our alternative fuel helps entrepreneurs save money. Thanks to favorable trade conditions, not only customers but also our suppliers save money. Do You want your production to be fueled by solid biofuel? Call us!

Biofuel from textile garbage

Extremely fast development of the modern world can adversely affect our environment through air pollution or waste generation. As a company that moves with the times, we are dynamically developing in the alternative fuel production industry, which we produce from textiles – including used clothes. The biofuel we produce is used to supply energy to factories and manufacturing companies. Our employees are primarily entrepreneurs who care about environmental protection. As the only suppliers of biofuels in Poland, we focus solely on the production of alternative fuels, thanks to which we can fully devote ourselves to this dynamically developing industry.


BioFUEL – production of fuel from clothes

Our specialization is the production of alternative fuels mainly from used clothes. We use textiles that would end up in landfills, provide a natural source of energy for factories, contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, and take care of the budget of entrepreneurs using our services, offering favorable prices and terms of cooperation. However, a year before the start of all these activities, we intensively explored our capabilities and created projects from scientific research that would help us create the product that we offer You today. Due to compliance with all safety rules and quality standards, we have certificates that we can proudly share with all. Specialists and qualified employees take care of the entire production of our BioFUEL. Thanks to the innovative production and constant quality control of our product, we can offer fuel tailored to the needs of customers. Do you want to run a production? Are You interested in reducing energy costs by using the highest quality biofuels? Please contact us!